Lake-side birding

In the last few years weather didn’t allowed much outdoor activity due to dense fog and some rain. We took the opportunity to take the stroller and to go out with Kea this afternoon. Fog was almost gone but still distance ID was not possible so I concentrated to woodland birds along the lake shore.


Eurasian Tree Sparrow. © Gyorgy Szimuly

The forest is full of fast feeding tit species. I saw Great, European Blue and Marsh Tits with many Eurasian Tree Sparrows. An unusually small sized Great Spotted Woodpecker was feeding just 2 meters from us providing a very nice view without binocular. There were three more feeding individuals at the same place.

Surprisingly I saw and heard and overflying Snow Bunting above the largest Grill Restaurant. 7-8 years ago I saw a flying and calling Snow Bunting over almost the same place. It is a very rare bird here.

At the dense forest edge on the southern part of the lake we imitated the call of a Grey-headed Woodpecker. It was responding continuously and closed us but was too skittish to come down from the canopy. I like this beautiful bird. From a distance another birds called and it flew away. Almost the same place a Green Woodpecker showed up.

On the lake almost anything was visible. The only species I could see well was the Western Great Egret. I counted 98 birds feeding along the stream and the shallow water of the lake. I hope there will be a bit nicer weather over the weekend for some more productive birding however I can’t complain for the result of this short walk.


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