Pelagic birding destinations on Google Map

I guess this topic is worth a whole book. Pelagic is something what birdwatchers is always longing for. Which keen birdwatcher is not dreaming about an Antarctic birding what you most probably reach by a cruise. Traveling the oceans can produce a tons of special birds have very little chance to see from the mainland. My first try for a pelagic trip was in South Africa which finally was cancelled so I had to wait a year and a half to have another try.


Black-browed Albatross on the Pacific Ocean off C Chile. © Gyorgy Szimuly

The Chile boating produced a nice birding despite I felt really terrible due a sunstroke got a day prior to the pelagic trip. Since then I have been browsing the web for nice pelagic images and I am impressed how diverse the sea-bird-life is. A few days ago I have started to prepare a trip to Cape Town again and listed all the potential species I can get there but at the same time I was interested in an interactive map where all the birding pelagic destinations are marked. I could not find any what is not a surprise since I am the worst Googler on Earth.

View World Pelagic Departure Cities in a larger map

I finally started to complete a Google map with the known departure cities and where I have knowledge the exact locations (harbors) marked. My plan is to add all the known cities and at a later phase to draw the trip routing on the map. Should you know about more cities to add please feel free to comment here and I add to the map.

In the future detailed information will be added to each of the placemark about the potential birds and other sea attractions.

The pink placemarks represent non-classic pelagic possibilities such as commercial ferry crossings etc.


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