Snow Bunting flock

Yesterday my friend wrote me about his observation of a bigger flock of Snow Bunting around the wind power station near Nagyigmánd, NW Hungary. This morning I decided to visit the site which is just 10 km away from my home.

I picked up Péter Szeimann, my birding friend, and we drove to the area. We found the site easily based on the verbal guiding by László Musicz. On the huge arable land quite a few wind power towers have emerged which changed the shape of the landscape dramatically. Along the service roads we immediately saw the footprints and feeding remains of seed-eating birds which we thought to be a promising sign. As we reached the one of the farest tower I spotted a flying flock of passerines with white wing flashings. They were there.

They actually kept the area at least during our time of watching but they were flying quite often made counting their numbers hard. Finally Peti counted 56 birds two times and I counted the same when they landed just next to us. This is the largest flock we have had here so far. László Musicz counted 32 yesterday.

Snow Bunting is a rare and irregular visitor to our county so this finding is a really nice one. Wish I had a camera gear to take some nice images on them. My year list slowly climbing up. It is 95 by today.


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