Easter shorebirding

I spent some time at the fishponds this afternoon in a hope to find some new comer for this year. I was mainly interested in the drained pond where shorebird numbers are increased compared to my last visit. A few new comer recorded but I missed to find some of them seen on the previous day like Caspian Tern and Sand Martins.

The drained pond has been filling up again narrowing the food source for the birds. Diversity was quite nice. I always smile how much we can be happy for 100-200 shorebirds being here while there are parts of the world where tens of thousands are crossing during migration. Somehow I like this however I would be more than happy to see large wader flocks.

Today I saw and heard the first Eurasian Reed Warblers singing. More and more Savi’s Warblers chirped but due to the strong wind any was seen.

Good records and shorebird numbers:
Little Egret 3
Eurasian Spoonbill 3
Black-winged Stilt 12
Pied Avocet 22
Northern Lapwing 22
Little Ringed Plover 3
Common Snipe 8
Spotted Redshank 6
Common Redshank 4
Marsh Sandpiper 2
Common Greenshank 5
Green Sandpiper 11
Dunlin 2
Ruff 140
Common Tern 5

Just north of the ponds a local birder found a Jack Snipe yesterday but I didn’t know about the location so could not go for it. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy Easter for Everyone!


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