Unusual floods in Tata

Not even the oldest people remember such a terrible weather in May what we have this year. It’s been heavily raining since midday of last Saturday (15. May) and as a result rivers and streams are filled by water rolling down from the mountains. Our town, Tata, doesn’t belong to the regions where floods are frequent or exist but now protection is under way in many part of the city against water.


The large Old Lake is now about to flood the adjacent areas as simply more water runs into the lake that can run out to the Danube River. The victims of this horrible weather are the swallows. We have seen quite many exhausted adult Barn Swallows and heard reports of many dying birds. Situation is worse and worse every day as new supplies of food is almost completely missing. Luckily many swallows, mainly Common House Martins were seen flying just above the water surface.


During our short walk it was still raining and wind was so strong. Out of the swallows I could see just a single Common Tern sitting on a white barrel. Workers tried to protect the threatened areas along the walkway of the lake.


Tomorrow we are checking the lake around the Castle of Tata and probably I can go out to the fishponds where all this water runs to. The water level is raising by 1cm (0.393 inch) each day (earlier up to 3cm a day) and the peak is excpected in 10-14 days.


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