Peregrine Falcon public ringing in the Gerecse Mountain

Peregrine Falcon has returned to its original breeding site in the Gerecse Mountain where it is successfully breeding for the 2nd consecutive year. Prior to its return the very same nest had been used by a pair of Shaker Falcon which is now moved to lowlands. Today the members of the local birding community were invited to see the ringing of the chicks. The nesting area is guarded by volunteers for many years. We had the permission to enter the are just for the time of ringing.

The weather finally was what all would dream about. Sunny and warm, clear and dry. There were just a few birds seen but those were really cool. I have been visiting this area for many years but I was never lucky enough to see the breeding resident Rock Buntings. Today I did it. A nice male landed on the top of a close bush providing excellent view. Some of the young birders were really happy by watching a lifer.

While chicks were carefully transported from the nest we were watching the female Peregrine Falcon whirling over the area many times together with a beautiful European Honey Buzzard. A Common Kestrel, a Western Marsh Harrier and a few Common Buzzards were also seen. Common Ravens heard only. Year list moved to 174… a slow progress.

We were interviewed the raptor researchers about the composition of food remains they had found in the nest. Pigeon species proved to be the most common food source for local Peregrine Falcons but remains of Common Starlings and even an European Bee-eater was found as well.

The set of images will talk about the untold.


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