Busy times without any birding but great progress with the shorebird project

I have been stucked to my desktop for the last two weeks due the launch of the WorldWaders website. The only outside activity is when we go out with Kea for a short walk and I drink my ‘daily’ ice(cream) coffee at the terrace of Platan Restaurant.

This new website and the related organisation will drive my time for the coming months. The site is still under developement but an important feature has just been introduced. The Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project were introduced to the birding world on 11 May. Since then a lots of user have registered and submitted data. As May is the busiest month for birders in the field, the data submission rate is still low but progressing well. 10% of this year’s target has been achieved in a bit more than two weeks.


I have already been working on the non-breeding part of the Shorebird Mapping Project as I targeted to go live by 15 June. Most probably that feature will be even more popular than the breeding shorebird mapping. Some of my friends are translating the online data form to other languages. New languages will include Spain, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian and German but more will come later this year.

These are exciting times indeed and I really looking forward to work for the foundation and for shorebirds. Finally my long fonded dream will come true. Shorebirds forever!


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