Quiet Summer

Finally I had some chance to escape from my office to my local path and make some birding. I had limited time so I picked up Dani at 5 and headed to the fishponds and adjacent areas. I was not expecting too much for today as this time of the year is always very quiet and slow.


© Gyorgy Szimuly, Mist over the pasture.

There was any drained pond at the Ferencmajor fishponds and mainly moulting Red-crested Pochards and Common Pochards were seen. Approximately 100 Mute Swan were also feeding on one of the central ponds.

The only excitement was the presence of 7 Common Terns which didn’t breed this year due to the lack of suitable nesting ground. I hope next year we can manage to create at least one floating island for those birds. Preparation is under way by a small team of the local nature conservation society.


© Gyorgy Szimuly. One of the White Stork nest which is inhabited near the fishponds. It’s been the poorest breeding season in our county for decades. Survival rate is very low.

I was happy to add a single species to my year list however I am not sure keeping a list has a sense at all. Maybe it would be better to start a year list when I actually go birding… Anyway a Little Bittern was seen hunting in the reedbed. Outside the fishponds I heard a Tree Pipit but could not spot it. My life list is at 179 now which will be up for sure in the next couple of weeks and also during the annual bird ringing camp we are kicking off in a month.


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