Life list again increased without a single birding event: 2042


Cuban Vireo © Gyorgy Szimuly

Anyone having a 2000+ life list can win one or more species upon the updates of the world bird list. IOC again issued an update, named v2.5, on the accepted splits, taxonomy, English names and range of bird species. I always enjoy to go through the changes as it is exciting to find new splits which might increase the number of lifers seen.

Version 2.5 includes one species split which affected my list. The taxonomic revision of Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus resulted the split of the North and South American races named Common Gallinule Gallinula galeata. I have seen Common Gallinule in many countries in the region including Mexico, Cuba and Chile.

The version 2.5 contains 10,396 species classified in 39 Orders, 222 Families (+7 Incertae Sedis) and 2218 Genera which means I’ve seen 19.64% of the world’s birds so far. Further details of the recent update and the downloadable master file (which is not really usable in my opinion) could be found on the IOC website:

Later today I will edit this entry and will add my enhanced version of the full IOC bird list.


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