Equal judgement is unlikely

I’ve been thinking to write about a sensitive topic for a while but somehow I always postponed to do it as felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I am ready now to live with the chance of possibly being unpopular after releasing this note. I must admit I prefer equal judgement when we sentence any company or personnel causing any kind of environmental disaster.

Any oil spill would have happened anywhere in the world could get steep attention in the media almost immensely. Social media helps to spread the news faster than any other source does. When the devastating and tragic event happened in the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico caused by a series of human mistakes of BP’s employees(?) we immediately realised human- and wildlife was going to suffer the most. And sadly it came into reality which we all have been witnessing for months now. Thos images, what media released out, spread the world and were indeed distressing. Humans have been affected by those news and additionally some powerful and loud speakers, and finally messages were about the revenge and the wish of hanging up the leaders of BP. I don’t want to agree and I would never go so far despite I fully disapprove the lack of technology and a waterproof solution for the very worst or fatal scenario.

We should stop here and look into the mirror, before we make unilateral statements, and have a deeper look at other crimes against the wildlife what people are more quiet about or in worst case most of them are not even aware of.

It seems we are resistant by the fact that skyscrapers, different towers or power lines are responsible for fatal loss of hundreds of millions of birds annually!!! As described in the AP’s article “only habitat destruction kills more birds.” I have never read such hectic reactions on this issue than on the BP’s oil tragedy. Most probably BP’s catastrophe kills way less living orgasm than all those towers together do in long term, even if we calculate with a long regenerating period from the oil spill. Again, I am not an employee of BP nor a relative of any of the BP’s CEO member. Have we ever asked who is responsible for the loss of millions of live of birds and other flying creatures?


Northern Royal Albatross on the Chilean waters © Gyorgy Szimuly

What about the fishing lines which causes millions of deaths underwater invisibly and quietly. Scientists blame loss of entire populations of seabirds in long term due to the extensive use of this fatal fishing technology but we, humans, are quiet about it. Or better to say, not enough loud against this issue. Do we think about it when ordering the Chilean Seabass or other delicious items from the seas in the local restaurant? I would guess no! What happens with those responsible companies? They are ‘allowed’ to continue the silent slaughter.

And this list is almost endless! The rain forests vs aloe vera or palm oil plantations as well as draining wetlands, all causing vast loss of wildlife and many times great loss of rich soil. To be honest we are perfect in creating deserts and fish-free seas. I am not targeting to list all devastating issues but asking a question if we judge the responsible bodies equally? It would be nice, and I would love, to see as many news and hard comments on the long-line fishing on the leading medias as many I heard about the BP’s oil spill. Oh true, those stories are not for headlines and lack of sensation… so it will never work. Don’t only boycott BP but boycott the system we are living in. We should challenge the architects of sky touching buildings and habitat destroyers who is responsible for the death of billions of birds and other animals.

I wish we had a better world!


One thought on “Equal judgement is unlikely

  1. Gyorgy, well put. I long for and am striving for a simpler life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

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