Looking for inspirational stuff for the second phase of my photography

Bird photography has became my passion not such a long time ago and the first years on the learning curve is over. By today I know how to execute shutter on the camera to get any kind of image. I risk to say I also know how to make more keepers for the hard drive than for the thrash.

And yet, there is a very long way ahead to be a good photographer by learning more about the background of current technology, using other tools for making outstanding images of wild birds, just to mention a few. Now I can set a deadline for getting my new gear and as the date is closing I look for inspirational images and other stuff. My photography friend, Jan, who has moved to Australia for a year, sent me many very cool images taken during his Florida trip this spring and the results just amazed me. Following the website updates of all of my bird photographer icons is always pleasant but more inspirational.

Some of my long time followers can remember my first interview with Alan Murphy, who I think is one of the most talented bird photographer in the planet. He said the following “the best bird photographers are the best birders“. It is very true and I would underline it twice. I have to learn even harder about the behaviour and life cycles of birds to be seen elsewhere than Europe. It is simply needed for a perfect image.

Today I found an incredible footage on Alan’s website which clearly shows the importance of having knowledge of birds, as photography subjects, and their behaviour and food supply, etc. This video inspired me a lot with the tons of other images found today on the net. No more word is needed for now. Look at the superb video.


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