Signs of fall migration

We could ring an extremely low number of birds in the ringing camp this week. Number of trapped birds hardly exceeds 50 while in average years 150-200 caught birds are quite normal. First fall Garden Warblers (new addition to year list…) has been ringed just today. Little Bitterns are moving intensively and seems to have a good year for them. Today I birded an hour in the tower and saw 9 birds flying south. One female is still carrying food.


The Castle of Tata with the Old Lake today just before another storm. © Gyorgy Szimuly

As the weather was so cold and rainy I returned home for some work. Then in the afternoon we walked along the shoreline of the Old Lake here in my town but the weather turned so bad again. In the last two days tropical storm hit our region resulting awesome amount of rain again. The supercell, which resulted tornados not too far away, has now moved but rain is still here. I was surprised by the sudden increase of swallow numbers hunting over the lake. Yesterday I could count about 60 birds flying over the water surface. Today there were more than 250 birds with a majority of Barn Swallows and some Common House Martins and Bank Swallows.

I hope the weather turns warmer and swallows will find enough food.


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