Strong Little Bittern movements

Finally we had a pleasant weather today at the Ferencmajor fishponds. Sun was shining and temperature was just good for birding. I spent almost all day at the camp and apart of a few hours meeting, held in the camp, I continuously watched the sky for passing by birds.




One of the ringed female Little Bittern. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Number of ringed birds is still very low and yet under the average. The only positive figure is coming from the number of Little Bitterns ringed or observed here. Anytime I looked down to the reedbed I saw a flying adult bird. This morning I could even see 5 different birds at the same time. There is a very strong movement of this species although juveniles has not even started southbound migration. We ringed 16 adults and only a single recently fledged juvenile in a week.


As for most of the songbirds mainly adults has been ringed in the first week of the camp, like this male Bearded Reedling. We are guessing there won’t be a large number of migrating juveniles due to the probably very low nesting success as a result of the extraordinary conditions in May. © Gyorgy Szimuly

In the morning I spotted the first gliding Black Storks, the first Western Osprey and later a flying over adult White-tailed Eagle. The very poor year in Western Marsh Harrier is quite obvious by the low number of observations. In a week I counted only 3 birds in two different days despite 4-6 pairs breed at this location! Today only one bird showed up.

Other birds counted on the adjacent ponds:

Purple Heron 6
Pygmy Cormorant 2
Mute Swan 185

Little Grebe 29
Great Crested Grebe 46
Black-necked Grebe 1
Red-crested Pochard 9
Ferruginous Duck 1
Eurasian Hobby 2
Common Kestrel 1
Eurasian Coot 450
Common Sandpiper 1
Green Sandpiper 2
Dunlin 1 


Year list again improved by two species, the Western Osprey and Wood Warbler. It is at 191 now. © Gyorgy Szimuly


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