Multi-authored birdingblog launched

Gunnar Engblom is known by many of us, as a very cool birder, a birding tour operator and nice human who loves and uses social media. A few months ago he came up with the idea to launch a new birding blog with a few bird bloggers from around the world. Four days ago the has been published and the first posts were already out by the multi-author team.


Gunnar is in action with his sweet-heart somewhere in Peru.

The idea is cool however it is not new. By different views, aspects and interests of the team members will make this blog enjoyable and attractive on a long run. The team was set by Gunnar as follows:

Sundays: Dale Forbes
Mondays:  Tom McKinney
Tuesdays:  Rich Hoyer, Martin Garner (UK)
Wednesday: Jeff Gordon, Gunnar Engblom
Thursdays: Rebecca Nason, Kenn Kaufman
Fridays: Dawn Fine, Gyorgy Szimuly
Saturdays:  Susan Myers

I’m really looking forward to the progress of this blog. It is a privilege to be included in this project. I have several ideas in my mind what you can see in the blog in the coming weeks. Keep following it!


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