Dramatic and fast increase of wild geese at the Old Lake, Tata

Only seven days has passed since my last birding visit to the Old Lake when only 580 wild geese were counted. Today we witnessed the fastest boom in numbers in the last couple of years. Despite the record breaking warm spells huge number of geese arrived and it continues.

We counted 7,000 Greater White-fronted Geese and 1,800 Taiga Bean Geese with about only 200 Tundra Bean Geese. Sadly the single Barnacle Goose, which was found last evening, was not seen nor the Red-breasted Geese (was located in the adjacent fishponds). My birding mate, Laci, however saw a neck-ringed Taiga Bean Goose but codes could not be identified.


I predict the peak will be somewhere between 27 and 31 thousands birds. The Wild Geese Festival will be held in three weeks and there is a good chance for the possibly several thousands visitors to see an amazing morning spectacle.


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