Spectacular birding in golden lights with brilliant optics

I have received a very nice package a few days ago. One of my birding and blogger friend lent me a complete set of birding optics. What a contrast! The latest Swarovski HD spotting scope and the outstanding EL 10×42 SwaroVision is here. I can’t stand to talk only superlatives about these optics.


I am searching the Red-breasted Goose through the Swarovski Spotting Scope. © Andrea Szimuly

I have tested these products but especially the scope, to get to used to it for my coming trip to India. The tripod is a bit different to what I have used so some training is needed for prompt adjustments. The view through this binocular brought a whole new dimension in my birding. Both yesterday and today I visited the Old Lake for evening birding. Conditions were so different each day. Yesterday it was rainy and partly cloudy with spectacular orange colored sunset, while today it was warm and still with no clouds in the sky, and we again had a beautiful golden sunset. I will provide a review of these products later but I can say these optics made by perfection and really serves for birding. The image I could see through the SwaroVision is nothing more but crystal clear.


Amazing sunset at the Old Lake. © Gyorgy Szimuly

So about the birds… As the target was to just enjoy the view these optics provide, we did not count birds. I have just made a rough estimation for tomorrow morning birding as a guest birder, an old birding friend of mine will join us in the morning. About 8 thousand wild geese with about 5 thousand Black-headed Gulls make the lake really exciting.

I could see some details of a passing Eurasian Woodcock which I have never seen here before. What a surprise. Máté Szabó, the local young birder, was especially happy as it was a lifer to him. Geese arrived for night roosting well after dusk but we could still see them coming on the dimming sky.

Here I would like to express my gratitude to my friend for this awesome experience these optics have produced so far. You are a Great Man!


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