Recovering waterbird numbers

Geese managed a fast recovery after the loud and flickering New Year’s Eve. Today total number was around 15 thousands and more expected to return in the coming days as drastic cold spell is forecasted.

Despite in-depth search no speciality was found by ourself but a Barnacle Goose was located by another observer from the opposite side of the lake. Before the whole swimming flock was flushed off by something I found a yellow neck banded Tundra Bean Goose. We were not able to read the code as the bird was endlessly preening. When the remained flock of geese landed on the ice in the middle of the lake the bird was relocated providing a much closer view. We could read the code and data has been sent to ringing centre.

After counting all the waterbirds we visited the freshly found Long-eared Owl roosting site in the town. We found any bird on the tree they were found but just next to it I found 3 awesome roosting birds. Laci found two more birds on another pine. They were quite skittish so we soon left the area. Around the owls many passerines moved and called. Mainly European Greenfinches and Great Tits were seen but I spotted two lovely Coal Tits as well.


Recently found Long-eared Owl roosting site is a nice addition to the diversity of birdlife in Tata. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Birds seen at the Old Lake:

Tundra Bean Goose 2,280
Taiga Bean Goose 3
Greylag Goose 20
Greater White-fronted Goose 11,500
Mute Swan 14
Mallard 550
Northern Pintail 1
Eurasian Teal 55
Common Pochard 25
Common Goldeneye 4
Great Cormorant 15
Eurasian Sparrowhawk 1
Eurasian Coot 25
Black-headed Gull 70
Mew Gull 250
Yellow-legged Gull 20
Middle Spotted Woodpecker 1
Fieldfare 180
Redwing 1
Mistle Thrush 2
Eurasian Siskin 60


Some more Bohemian Waxwings recorded cross the country. Hopefully numbers will be increasing. © Gyorgy Szimuly 

In the afternoon we took out the baby for an hour and found some nice birds on our way to the fort of Tata. The regular Tawny Owl couple was in the roosting hole. An overflying Fieldfare flock contained overwintering 3 Common Starlings. At the to the fort of Tata there was a small flock of Fieldfares including a single Redwing and 8 Bohemian Waxwings. A melancholic song of a Willow Tit made those few minutes so pleasant. On our way back home 14 Pygmy Cormorant were flying over the lake.


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