My 2010 Birding Stats

2010 was not a productive year for me although it was a bit better than 2009 by a single birding trip to India. I had one home country lifer, the first ever Oriental Turtle Dove found early in 2010. Additionally some armchair ticks due to subspecies splits by IOC and 133 new lifers in India made the year.

2011 should be more productive as new optical gear purchase and birding trips is planned. Let’s see what I can achieve.


Number of lifers of the visited countries.


Number of lifers in the IOC biogeographic regions.


2 thoughts on “My 2010 Birding Stats

  1. Hi You do seem to have got around a good bit during 2010 though. I am puzzled how you came to the UK though and only had 1 species or was it 1 new species?

  2. Yes, those are just showing the birds I saw for the first time. Total UK list is much higher. 🙂 The only bird was the Sooty Shearwater.

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