My loved shorebird mugs

I have to say that Hungarian wildlife artists are great and talented. I’ve been working with Szalocs Kókay for a while on shorebirds but I always admire another great artist, Gyula Nagy’s work. He has a different style what I love. His website is half-ready but arts have already been uploaded. English version is coming soon.

Years ago I ordered a few mugs from him showing his art of my favoured shorebird species (Cream-colored Courser, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Diademed Plover and Spoon-billed Sandpiper). I am thinking to order a few more sets for charity purposes (of course for waders).

I wanted to share you these images to learn more about your opinion. Tell me inside this blog (not in social media where I share this post) what do you think about these mugs. Note, your comment will appear after moderation!


5 thoughts on “My loved shorebird mugs

  1. The paintings are very nice and I think they would make a great seller to help with costs of running the waders site. Both the yellow and blue mugs really show off the paintings, I like both colors, but I’m sure some folks would prefer white. Are the paintings covered with a glaze to help protect the image?

    Cheers — Jim

  2. Yes it was protected. The mugs must be carefully washed without any scratching material used. Best is washing machine.


  3. I think I prefer blue or may be on a white.

    I wondered whether they are a fairly light delicate mug or are they thick and chunky?

  4. I would prefer on a white, but blue is ok as well. The paintings are very nice and I also believe they would make a good seller for your project.

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