First Barnacle Goose in 2011

A large area of the water surface has been frozen again due to the quite cold night. While last week it was +12C last night we had -9C. Huge fluctuations confuses the birds as well. Number of geese has dropped from 20,000+ to 4000 within just a few days.


Mute Swan at the Old Lake. © Gyorgy Szimuly

We had a nice chance to go through the flock birds by birds, although in the first hour, half of the geese were sleeping on the ice making identification quite difficult. Later, probably by an eagle, the whole flock of geese and ducks blasted off but a large group of birds landed in front of us allowing for a more perfect view on them. The lights were simply stunning after sunrise.

We could easily read a neck ringed Tundra Bean Goose which was banded in The Netherlands almost exactly a year ago.

Birds seen:

Mute Swan 7
Tundra Bean Goose 3,500
Greater White-fronted Goose 360
Greylag Goose 185
Barnacle Goose 1
Great Cormorant 95
Pygmy Cormorant 13
Mallard 750
Eurasian Teal 100
Eurasian Wigeon 1
Northern Pintail 2
Gadwall 2
Common Pochard 275
Tufted Duck 3
Common Goldeneye 100
Western Great Egret 5
Common Buzzard 1
Peregrine Falcon 1
Eurasian Coot 23
Black-headed Gull 25
Mew Gull 70
Caspian Gull 50
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 1
European Green Woodpecker 2
Middle Spotted Woodpecker 4
Great Spotted Woodpecker 2
Black Woodpecker 2
Rook 820
Western Jackdaw 30
Northern Raven 8 

By finding a Barnacle Goose and an Eurasian Wigeon the year list increased to 88.

In the afternoon two Tawny Owls was seen at their regular roosting site.


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