Boosting duck numbers on the Old Lake

Weather in the last two days was more than unpleasant by the chilly arctic wind. Early morning wake up is simply not really working to me recently thus I picked up Dani and went out for the last our of the day to see the arriving geese. Geese were arriving very late making identification impossible so I counted the ducks and gulls instead.


We saw heavy fights of drake Mallards. This gave us hope for the closing spring. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Here is the result:
Mute Swan 9
Wild geese altogether 1,200 (still arriving to the roosting site in the dark)
Mallard 1,030
Eurasian Teal 136
Northern Pintail 2
Common Pochard 270
Tufted Duck 15
Common Goldeneye 190
Common Merganser 3
Smew 2
Yellow-legged Gull 75
Mew Gull 140
Black-headed Gull 135
Rook 1,400
Western Jackdaw 25
Hooded Crow 35

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