Cooperation with Lynx Edicions

One of the most comprehensive ornithological book series is the Handbook of the Birds of the World by Josep del Hoyo et al. The series contains 16 spectacular volumes with amazing colour plates and bird images. Reviews are widely available on the web and talking about the series in superlatives.

As a part of my new enterprise I am happily offer the books of Lynx Edicions to my friends, birding mates and anyone wish to add any of these books to home birding library. Pricing will be slightly different than of competitors’ and additionally 10% of every sales will be allocated to shorebird conservation which reflects our commitment to bird conservation which is going to be checked by ‘outsiders’.


The current of the 16 amazing volumes. Image courtesy of Lynx Edicions


The last volume is going to be a beautiful one illustrating many colourful and awesome birds. It is panned to be published in September 2011 but pre-order could be placed today. Image courtesy of Lynx Edicions

Should you have any questions, regarding the items of Lynx Edicions, drop me a line. I am happy to fulfill your requests! Delivery worldwide.


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