The New Shorebirds Handbook

Some of my followers and friends knows me well and they are aware that I always think big. Somehow my mind is recharging by setting new goals. When I kicked off this handbook project years ago, I did not take time to analyse the degree of its difficulty. But soon after reaching the first micro milestones the project became my passion and everything in my life was subordinated to publishing the handbook of shorebirds of the world.

Global financial crisis definitely affected the project and I lost a part of the sources quite soon as it turned serious. As nothing lasts forever the project is slowly moving back to its original track and start progressing according to redesigned and careful plans adapted to current situations.

It is said that ‘What does not kill you, strengthens you‘. It is very valid here. New chances keep the project alive and we are closer to core achievements than anytime before (bad news for infidels…).


Curlew Sanpiper plate from the Handbook of Shorebirds of the World created by the award winning wildlife artist, Szabolcs Kókay. Image cannot be used for any purpose other than viewing. All rights reserved.

The task is hard and beautiful at the same time. If you look at the sample page and image I share it here, you can see our commitment to quality. The number of completed plates and digital images are continuously increasing what makes us really excited.

Announcing the final publication date is too early as so many hours in the field and at the desk is needed to go. Just follow the blog for changes and announcements. There will be surprises for faithful readers.


2 thoughts on “The New Shorebirds Handbook

  1. The project is in its early phase thus text is not yet available. However the text will be completed later this for a selected species.

    Best, Szimi

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