Friends of Social Media Made My B’Day

I have been hanging on social media for a while but have never experienced such a high traffic as I did today. So many birthday wishes and kind words has landed in my Facebook inbox and on my wall which really made my morning. Let me express my gratitude to your thoughts. I am delighted!


As I write these lines my 2y old daughter are stroking my face and wishes happy birthday. Outside a Song Thrush is singing. What else I need?

In the afternoon I was out to the Old Lake with my family and tried to find some migrating White or Black Storks. None was seen but found some birds.

Pygmy Cormorant 11
Great Crested Grebe 4
Greater White-fronted Goose 600
Tundra Bean Goose 100
Mallard 30
Black-headed Gull 50
Common Wood Pigeon 3
Stock Dove 4
Song Thrush 2
Northern Raven 1 


11 thoughts on “Friends of Social Media Made My B’Day

  1. Once again a perfect shot – and then gannets! love them since visting with them in shetland – but best is your nice and loving comment!
    Doooo enjooooyyy!

  2. And it took you right up to top position on Top Birding Blogs. Congratulations – again!
    Have a great day!

  3. Ah! Gyorgy, I didn’t know it was your very own birthday day. Feliz cumpleanos!

    And yes your blog is quite impressive, if I were a cheater, I would steal it, like a snake steals from a bird’s nest. : )

    But I’m just a sweet girl, so … nice work!

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