Lesser Spotted Eagle spotted

I was walking around the lake this afternoon and as usual I took the Swaro with me as something is always in the air in Spring. We had a wonderful sunny and warm day enriched with awesome birdsongs along the Old Lake. Eurasian Blackcaps, Black Redstarts, Eurasian Blackbirds and Song ThrushesCommon Starlings, Common Wood Pigeons and Chaffinches kept their territories.

Over the lake Common Buzzards, and even Grey Herons were soaring. I was hoping for migrant Western Ospreys but I found a dark bird of prey slowly circling towards north direction. It definitely wasn’t an Osprey but a Lesser Spotted Eagle. I was not sure I have ever seen Lesser Spotted Eagle in Tata. It has been a breeding bird in the nearby Gerecse Mountains but no confirmed records are available since 2001. This bird was most probably a migrant. Unfortunately I could not photograph it.

Another indisputable representative of Spring was seen today. A single male Barn Swallow was flying at the eastern part of the lake. This was not the first record on the swallow as I saw the first one a few days ago.


Nice buildings surround eastern and northern part of the Old Lake. The other side of the lake is embraced by forest. © Gyorgy Szimuly


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