Disappointing wader numbers

In the afternoon I visited the fishponds again. The drained pond was disappointingly empty regarding the waders compared to the fantastic birding from yesterday or the birding at the same spot 10 years ago. Only a few birds was seen including Northern Lapwing, Little Ringed Plover, Pied Avocet, Common Greenshank and Common Redshank. The wind was extremely strong but we could watch birds from a shelter.


Northern Lapwings have already sitting on their nest across the country and only a few migrants remained at the fishponds. © György Szimuly


Pied Avocet migration is still under way. Birds are appearing and leaving even within the day. © György Szimuly

Black-headed Gulls and Yellow-legged Gulls were present on the mudflat and later two beautiful breeding plumaged Mediterranean Gulls joined them.

We saw some late migrant Tundra Bean Geese flying north without stopping at this internationally important bird area. A few Barn Swallows were also moving north.

I had a short break at the Old Lake as the first Little Gull were seen yesterday for this year but I could not find it. In a few days dozens will hunt over the water. Pallas’s Gull did not show up today despite extensive search by other birders, twitchers.

Tundra Bean Goose 5
Pied Avocet 4
Northern Lapwing 5
Little Ringed Plover 24
Common Greenshank 2
Common Redshank 2
Mediterranean Gull 2 ad
Black-headed Gull 70
Yellow-legged Gull 7


3 thoughts on “Disappointing wader numbers

  1. Thanks Mital. If you are in Europe you can easily get this species.
    Maybe we should exchange some trips in the future. :)) I go to you and you come to me for photographing birds.

    Best, Szimi

  2. gyorgy that’s really cool idea man. but very frank i am still concentrated on my local territory only which has vast bio-diversity. you are most welcome to my part buddy.

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