All three Chlidonias Terns have arrived

I visited the Ferencmajor fishponds this evening with my kids just before sunset. We walked to the pond 6, which was freshly drained and local reports suggested good birding there. On our way to the pond Sandra picked a gorgeous Squacco Heron. Above the water striking White-winged Terns, adorable Black Terns and Whiskered Terns were flying jauntily. These Chlidonias terns are appearing almost at the same time in Spring. They don’t breed in this region but passing through every year in small numbers, however, I think the turnover is high.

On the drained pond Ruffs and Wood Sandpipers were dominant. Nothing special was found but it was nice to see the relatively large number of shorebirds. A single Whimbrel, which is an uncommon visitor, was a nice surprise here.


Wood Sandpiper is a regular migrant at the fishponds sometimes in good numbers. © György Szimuly 

Squacco Heron 1
Purple Heron 1
Pied Avocet 2
Northern Lapwing 8
Little Ringed Plover 6
Whimbrel 1
Common Greenshank 8
Common Redshank 2
Wood Sandpiper 250
Ruff 80
Black Tern 34
White-winged Tern 9
Whiskered Tern 2


White-winged Tern is the most beautiful tern species in this region. © György Szimuly

Year list was increased by 5 species to 171.


One thought on “All three Chlidonias Terns have arrived

  1. very nice post !
    interesting and the wood sandpiper’s picture is really great !
    where are these ponds (country) ?
    thank you for these information.
    Best regards,

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