Some new arrivals again

I was hesitating to wake up at 5AM this morning but as I agreed with my son we would go out for some birding. We had a few hours for birding in along the usual birding routes nearby. Before we visited the Ferencmajor fishponds I checked the actual number of Northern Lapwing breeding pairs at Mocsa village. I found an additional two pairs holding and defending territory, showing nest hollow making behaviour. Maybe we see some chicks in the coming weeks. We heard and saw our first European Golden Orioles.

At the Ferencmajor fishponds nice numbers of Greylag Goose families were seen. Local fisherman counted more than 30 families this week. Red-crested Pochards and Tufted Ducks were flocking together. A pair of Tufted Duck seemed quite shy at the edge of the reedbed. There is one breeding records from 2003 from this area. Hopefully they breed again at the fishponds.


14 Greylag Goose families with many adorable goslings were seen this morning. © György Szimuly


Red-crested Pochards are breeding at the fishponds in small numbers. © György Szimuly

I love how Great Reed Warblers fill the air with their powerful songs from the reedbeds. Lots of pairs are keeping territories now. Sedge Warblers were not any different as they were singing almost everywhere.


Sedge Warbler is a regular breeder at the Ferencmajor fishponds but last year numbers dropped drastically based on ringing data. © György Szimuly

At the pond number 1 over 100 Black Terns, 3 White-winged Terns and 4 Little Gulls were seen.

From the fishponds we moved to the nearby hills of Dunaszentmiklós. I wanted to find some Wood Larks. I was told some birds usually keep territories there. We could find a single bird only which was not singing. European Stonechats, European Turtle Dove and a nice singing Barred Warbler were seen at the edge of vineyards.


Male European Stonechats are showing rich orange colours at the time of the year. © György Szimuly

Year list increased by four this morning and reached 194.



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