New compact binoculars from Swarovski Optik

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has announced a new compact binocular family which could be ideal for travelers, traveling birders and especially for ladies. The new CL Companion models, the 8×30 and 10×30, will hit the shelves in three colours: the usual ‘Swarovski green’, the known sand-brown (Traveler) and the unusual black. All models will be available from 1st July 2011.


The press release says: The proven SWAROVSKI OPTIK precision guarantees excellent viewing comfort and bright, high-contrast images for truly memorable viewing experiences. The distinctive new design of the new binoculars combines a modern look and feel with the compact construction and proven ergonomics typical of this long established Austrian manufacturer. At only 500 g (17 oz), they are the lightest binoculars in their class.


Its impressive benefits mean that, in addition to being perfect for birdwatchers and nature observers, the CL Companion 30 is also a useful companion for anyone who travels or enjoys an active lifestyle.


This is the first time that SWAROVSKI OPTIK is accompanying its product launch with an exciting social media campaign. At, all travel and leisure enthusiasts have until 29 May to enter the new “World Traveller’s Challenge” Facebook game, an entertaining game which, in addition to testing their geographical knowledge, will also put their creativity to the test with a challenging photography competition. There are a host of attractive prizes to be won, including a CL Companion binocular. From June 2011, SWAROVSKI OPTIK will also be launching a product test campaign from this Facebook fan page, giving successful applicants the chance to test the new CL Companion for a whole six months.

More info on the SWAROVSKI Optik website.


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