Second attempt to band more Common Tern chicks

This morning we had another organised ringing action in the Common Tern colony at the Ferencmajor fishponds. Last week we ringed the majority of the chicks while today we tried to catch the remaining non fledged chicks. The action was fast and went really well.

A total of 20 chicks has been ringed by a young but talented ringer. On the island there were some very young chicks which had been hatched just a few hours before we arrived. Some eggshells were still visible in those nests. About 4-5 nest still contained eggs and we left the chicks in their nest as they were too tiny for ringing. Our estimation is that about 75-80 breeding pair of Common Terns have been breeding on this island which is an all time record.

Before we entered the islet I counted the shorebirds quickly.

Northern Lapwing 19
Little Ringed Plover 4
Wood Sandpiper 4
Ruff 8
Caspian Tern 2 adult
Whiskered Tern 8
Black Tern 3

At our leaving an adult White-tailed Eagle was flying over the ponds.


Some images of the ringing action. © György Szimuly


Home for my bird images:

After endless hours of searching, testing and being disappointed I got the regular Macworld news update on a brand new image sharing application. It was announced good and worth to try. I gave it a try once again. What to loose? I quickly signed up to and tried it with a few images. Free version allows to create only one Collections but it was quite obvious to me that this was the service I had been looking for for a while.

After upgrading to full version I started to upload my images with fun. In the times of social media every image has a like and dislike button and lovely commenting which helps to collect brand new friends and find like-minded photographers. Above all, I found many extraordinary images in every categories (yes, nudes as well)…


So time to advertise my personal bird gallery which you can reach under the link I share bellow. I encourage you to sign up to without a hassle and start using social features and the obvious green ‘Like‘ button. Be sure, I’ll be happy.

In the portfolio my images are displayed in full size (1,000 pixels) by bird families, while in the gallery its size reduced a bit but interestingly doesn’t decrease quality. The gallery is for being social.

My gallery:

My portfolio:


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My image published in a bird book, Nightjars of the World

Yesterday I got a message about a free copy of the recently published bird family monograph, the Nightjars, Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird, and Owlet-nightjars of the World written by Nigel Cleere to be dispatched to my address. One of my bird images was selected and included in the book.


In 2006 I took some images of the endemic Diabolical Nightjar (in the book it was named as Heinrich’s Nightjar) in the Lore Lindu National Park in Sulawesi. The editors picked it up from my website and selected it for the species page. Here is the copy of the given page. My bird is the upper image on the right page.


Ringing of Chicks of Common Terns at the Ferencmajor fishponds

As a result of an agreement between local nature conservation authorities and the fishpond management, a small island was created this spring for Common Terns and other ground breeding waterbirds to breed. As I reported time by time a pair of Pied Avocet, more than 70 pairs of Common Tern and two Little Ringed Plover utilized the ideal nesting habitat.

Today the members of our local birding society came together to catch and ring Common Tern chicks. We had to organise the action properly as the extreme hot weather forced us to leave the island within 20-30 minutes to avoid eggs’ and chicks’ overheating. We did a great job! 46 Common Tern chicks of various ages have been caught. At least 20 paris are still incubating while others already have fledged young.

Just before the action I counted the birds which was present on the island. The result is as follows:

Greylag Goose 300
Eurasian Spoonbill 24
Northern Lapwing 34
Pied Avocet 1 ad + 1 pull
Little Ringed Plover 6
Common Redshank 1
Common Greenshank 4
Wood Sandpiper 6
Green Sandpiper 2
Common Sandpiper 1
Ruff 6
Black-headed Gull 35
Common Tern about 110
Whiskered Tern 4
Black Tern 3


Atypical Common Tern nest with differently coloured eggs probably coming from two different females. © György Szimuly 


Typical Common Tern nest decorated by a lot of pieces of lime stone. © György Szimuly


Nest, decorated by pieces of pond mussel-shells, small stones and fish bones, of the second pair of Little Ringed Plover. © György Szimuly


Freshly hatched Common Tern chick in the nest. © György Szimuly


Dani caught a larger chick. © György Szimuly


Sandra is taking care of two chicks ready for release. © György Szimuly


The ringing itself, performed by two ringing experts of our local team. © György Szimuly

Chicks of the Pied Avocet pair have partly survived. Today we saw only one pullus. A few days ago there were three chicks counted. On the island we also found a failed egg of the same pair.

At least one bird of the Eurasian Spoonbill flock was carrying a white plastic ring with possibly black codes. Due to the lack of spotting scope I could not read the code. Maybe it stays here for a few days.