Home for my bird images: 500px.com

After endless hours of searching, testing and being disappointed I got the regular Macworld news update on a brand new image sharing application. It was announced good and worth to try. I gave it a try once again. What to loose? I quickly signed up to 500px.com and tried it with a few images. Free version allows to create only one Collections but it was quite obvious to me that this was the service I had been looking for for a while.

After upgrading to full version I started to upload my images with fun. In the times of social media every image has a like and dislike button and lovely commenting which helps to collect brand new friends and find like-minded photographers. Above all, I found many extraordinary images in every categories (yes, nudes as well)…


So time to advertise my personal bird gallery which you can reach under the link I share bellow. I encourage you to sign up to 500px.com without a hassle and start using social features and the obvious green ‘Like‘ button. Be sure, I’ll be happy.

In the portfolio my images are displayed in full size (1,000 pixels) by bird families, while in the gallery its size reduced a bit but interestingly doesn’t decrease quality. The gallery is for being social.

My gallery: http://500px.com/SzimiStyle

My portfolio: http://SzimiStyle.500px.com


All images are copyright of Gyorgy Szimuly! No use is allowed without contacting beforehand. (How seriously-sounded text it was…) 


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