Second attempt to band more Common Tern chicks

This morning we had another organised ringing action in the Common Tern colony at the Ferencmajor fishponds. Last week we ringed the majority of the chicks while today we tried to catch the remaining non fledged chicks. The action was fast and went really well.

A total of 20 chicks has been ringed by a young but talented ringer. On the island there were some very young chicks which had been hatched just a few hours before we arrived. Some eggshells were still visible in those nests. About 4-5 nest still contained eggs and we left the chicks in their nest as they were too tiny for ringing. Our estimation is that about 75-80 breeding pair of Common Terns have been breeding on this island which is an all time record.

Before we entered the islet I counted the shorebirds quickly.

Northern Lapwing 19
Little Ringed Plover 4
Wood Sandpiper 4
Ruff 8
Caspian Tern 2 adult
Whiskered Tern 8
Black Tern 3

At our leaving an adult White-tailed Eagle was flying over the ponds.


Some images of the ringing action. © György Szimuly


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