R.I.P. Choo Tse Chien: a Sad loss of a Friend

This morning I woke up so early and as usual I checked messages and on Facebook. While browsing for some bird news I found out that my long time Facebook friend, Choo Tse Chien has suddenly passed away. This is a short commemoration about his work.


Choo was among the very first ones who I became friends on Facebook. Similarly to others he was so open and like minded. His bird photography work impressed me and we started to chat and comment on each others post. Furthermore he was a great Apple fan so we could find topics anytime. His ‘footprint‘ could also be found in the WorldWaders database as he submitted nice records of Oriental Pratincole breeding colonies whenever he found one. Unfortunately we could not manage to meet but I am sure in the next years we could have met somewhere in Malaysia, his homeland.

The shocking news has been multiplied by the fact that he was only 41. He died yesterday by cardiac arrest. So young and so talented. It is always too hard to write about a human loss but when a man, a strong one, leave us at this age, words come so slowly.

Thanks to his family I was allowed to post a few of his images here to remember a great nature and bird photographer.

I pass my deepest sympathy and condolences to Choo’s Family.


Should you wish to write some line, do it on his still running Facebook profile. His family is managing it this time. https://www.facebook.com/tsechien His images can be found here: http://www.pbase.com/tsechien


Rest In Peace, Choo. You won’t be forgotten! Have a nice journey wherever you are now!



3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Choo Tse Chien: a Sad loss of a Friend

  1. So sorry to hear that mate. When you’re in your 40’s and friends, colleagues and family are dying, it is a sober reminder that one must live life to the full every day, as one never truly knows when it’s the last.

    best wishes to you, your family and Choo’s family.

  2. He was blessed to have your friendship & in as many people that he was a friend to, I know he would have a great friend in you. Thank you for remembering him this way…..

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