A short visit for shorebirds

I’ve been quiet in the last few days. Around the sad anniversary of the loss of my loved Dad I normally move to the remote corner of the house and stay silent. These are the days to remember and organise things in my head.

Today I moved out to see some birds. One of the fishpond was completely drained and fishing was already over. I met there a local birding friend and checked the shorebirds together. While we counted them a juvenile White-tailed Eagle was soaring over the drained pond but nothing special was seen during our one hour stay.

Counted shorebirds on two suitable ponds:

Northern Lapwing 6
Common Ringed Plover 29
Little Ringed Plover 2
Common Snipe 50
Spotted Redshank 117
Common Greenshank 15
Green Sandpiper 1
Wood Sandpiper 12
Little Stint 2
Curlew Sandpiper 2
Dunlin 3
Ruff 23 


Common Greenshank numbers are increasing compared to end of August. Yesterday 38 was counted. © György Szimuly


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