More mudflats, less shorebirds?

Something wrong is going on here. There are extensive mudflats available at the fishponds but I counted a disappointingly low number of shorebirds this morning. There is fresh mud, dried mud, liquid mud but birds are not present. Migration should be on its peak this time of the year despite today 32˚C (89.6˚F) was measured which is exceptionally hot in mid September.

Here is the list of the shorebirds and some other species I counted:

Pygmy Cormorant 33
Little Egret 2
Common Ringed Plover 9
Common Snipe 32
Spotted Redshank 24
Common Greenshank 3
Green Sandpiper 3
Ruff 18
European Bee-eater 4
European Stonechat 2


Green Sandpiper. © György Szimuly


Female Red-backed Shrike. © György Szimuly


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