Visible White Wagtail migration


Evening view from the fishponds to the hills of Gerecse Mountain. © György Szimuly

I had only a brief visit to the fishponds before the Sun went down. The drained pond was started to be filled again but nice mudflats were still available. Hundreds of Black-headed Gulls and about a hundred Yellow-legged Gull were resting on the mudflat.

We saw only a single Northern Lapwing and 42 Dunlins.

Over the other ponds a Peregrine Falcon, a Western Marsh Harrier and 3 Common Buzzards were flying. A single Tundra Bean Goose and 14 Greylag Goose was also crossing over us.


White Wagtail prefers the open mudflat during migration which is used for feeding. © György Szimuly

The most interesting birding momentum was to see the roosting White Wagtails. I counted about 300 White Wagtails on the mudflat. Later they were chased away by the crossing Peregrine Falcon. The wagtails moved into the dead bulrush field just like when pre-roosting. After the Sun was down 180 birds started to depart from the pond and flew high up and left the area to southwestern direction. It seemed to be a beginning of a night migration and was quite interesting to vitness it.


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