A wonderful short trip to the homeland of Swarovski Optik

The best thing is when business could be linked with family trips and, of course, some birding. Today we geared up early morning and travelled to home of Swarovski Optik in Tyrol, Austria. Now I understand how the Swarovski’s engineering team could design and produce such awesome products what we, birdwatchers, are enjoying. Absam and Innsbruck is such a wonderful place. While the temperature was over 20 °C, the peaks of the Alps was still snow covered. I was impressed by this amazing contrast as well as by the friendly local people. They are so different compared to the eastern Austrian people.


Historical centre of Absam. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Today was more about the family and less about the birds. We simply enjoyed being together, the spectacular scenery and the lovely weather. The best species was a single Red Kite flying over our car east to Salzburg. I have not seen this secies for years. Certainly the most abundant species was the Carrion Crow and Western Jackdaw in this alpine region. In the evening a Grey Wagtail was flying next to the Inn River in Innsbruck. At our hotel, in Igls, Coal Tits, Willow Warbler and Eurasian Siskins were singing. That was about the birds for today. Without knowing the exact location for the sought after Citril Finch, I doubt I find one tomorrow. That is one of the three potential lifers in this region.

I post some landscape and city images of the region as bird images are still missing. However, there is something at the corner…



A view to the Alps from Vill. © Gyorgy Szimuly


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