Nice birding spot visited in golden morning


Eurasian Hoopoe is breeding in the area for more than a decade. © Gyorgy Szimuly

For Dani and me this morning started at 3AM with the survey of Black Redstart in our town. I was simply interested in the number of territories of Black Redstart in Tata, Hungary. Unfortunately we could not finish the survey today as the activity of Redstarts was limited for a few hours only. Anyway it was impressive to learn that in every street has at least one breeding pair. Result will be published soon.

After the survey we visited a local birding hotspot (not in hardcore birding sense) in the Gerecse Mountain. The site is a pasture with some bushes and trees fringing a crossing offroad. The site attracted so many birds this morning and made it quite exotic. Here is what we saw on a single group of trees. I am sure for some of my readers this could be a rather exciting place to visit.

Stock Dove 8
Middle Spotted Woodpecker 3
European Bee-eater 18
European Golden Oriole 6
Eurasian Hoopoe 5
Eurasian Skylark 4
Song Thrush 2
Red-backed Shrike 3
Great Tit 4
Northern Raven 2
Eurasian Tree Sparrow 12
Hawfinch 3
Yellowhammer 3


Red-backed Shrike is also a local breeder here. Luckily habitat did not change after land privatization. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Images were taken by a P&S Nikon CoolPix V1 camera with a Nikkor 30-110mm 1:3.8-5.6 VR zoom lens attached. Obviously it is not a typical bird photography gear… Need some time get the new 600mm lens for producing better images.


One thought on “Nice birding spot visited in golden morning

  1. We love reading your posts… son is the birder and he had to know what some of the birds were that you listed and so we looked some up. SO wonderful to learn new things about birds we don’t see here in Florida. We get the Loggerhead Shrike and your picture of the Red-backed Shrike was wonderful!

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