I have been on the learning curve

Compared to my magical photography expert friend and project team fellow, Jan Wegener, I am way behind him when it comes to bird photography. My only advantage is the knowledge on birds, their behaviour and birdwatching (due to my age…). I often remember the single weekend we spent together at the Helgoland coastline photographing shorebirds and Northern Gannets. And I often smile as it was a great fun.

It amazed me how much knowledge he had on digital photography as well as on bird photography. I learned a lot of him on that single weekend and we came out some nice keepers. While I have been suspending my bird photography ‘career’, due to financial reasons, I keep my eyes on the latest technologies and get inspirations by the unbelievably growing number of excellent bird photographers. On the other hand I am deeply honoured by inspiring others by my bird photography. I am so grateful by the endless number of positive feedback and personal comments I have got so far only for those images I could take during that short period of time.

Let me post some of my personal favourites in the coming posts. Images are from my 500px.com image gallery.


Eurasian Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus). © György Szimuly


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