Personal website or gallery?


I have been undecided for a while whether to have an personal website for my bird images or keeping my recent bird gallery hosted by Both has advantages and disadvantages. I would be happy to have a self designed, beautifully looking website where I could pack all my birding and bird photography related stuff in. On the other hand 500px offers almost everything I  would need except custom design of my gallery.

Designing an own webpage could be time consuming and rather expensive at the end of the day but could also be way more attractive. I have already made some design ideas but as I have no idea of the programming these remained ideas. Apart of the design I would like to make my site interesting and filled by bird related content. Those ideas cannot be integrated to my current 500px gallery so a combined solution is probably a best way.

I would probably make a website with all those features I wanted to add while using my 500px gallery linked from my website. The scoring and the Like feature is nice at 500px so I would not spend much money for programming that. Image resolution is acceptable as it doesn’t over compress my images. Adding some nice features I haven’t yet been found elsewhere is also a challenging but beneficial task.

So far the gallery is running with old images for the time being. As the date of my return as a bird photographer is closer than ever I can add new images with the new gear using new processing technics. Starting the ‘second half’ of my bird photography should be the turning point of making an own bird image gallery.



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