Next door Leach’s Storm Petrel

An amazing news was texted to me this afternoon about the presence of a Leach’s Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) just 10 km away from my home. The bird was found at the Brogborough Lake next to Lidlington, Bedfordshire as a result of the recent strong northwesterly winds. The bird was first seen at 11:10 and immediately reported to BirdGuides. Several local birders relocated it in the afternoon.

For me it would be or would have been a life bird. Even if the location is a bit weird for this species it would be a nice addition to my list of seen bird species. It was suggested on the local bird list that the night survival of the bird is very unlikely and there is a little chance to see the bird in the morning alive. I am pretty sure some will give it a try so do I. I need some escape anyway…

Leach's Storm Petrel © Ron LeValley

Ron LeValley has kindly offered an image to illustrate the Leach’s Storm Petrel. © Ron LeValley

Thanks to Ron LeValley for the image usage!

Update: Based on report posted to BirdGuides there was no sign of Leach’s Storm Petrel up to 10:46 this morning! I have to see it at the ocean.


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