A tribute to the Hungarian spring

This is my first spring in the United Kingdom. This is the first time I am witnessing the spring migration of British birds and experiencing the challenging Atlantic weather. Like every change this one was not any different in terms of losses. While I have still been feeling as a tourist in England, which normally excites me, I am a bit sad about this move – at least from a birding point of view. I have been missing quite a few bird species and songs what I should have already seen or hear if I was in Hungary.

The British birdlife is not much different than the Hungarian one if we just talk about the inland birds. The coastal birdlife is way different and for me that is one of the exciting parts of the British birding in the near future. However, from here I see Hungary a rather exotic Europen birding kingdom. Hungary is an awesome birding destination where the Western European fauna mixes with the Eastern European/Western Siberian avifauna.

I have been waiting for hearing the beautiful song of the European Golden Orioles, the powerful song of the Common Nightingale, the cracking song of a male Black Redstart from the chimney of the neighbour’s house or watching the diversity of breeding raptors in the nearby mountains. They neither will be heard nor seen this year – at least not in England.

'Insecting' White Stork on a field in Hungary. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Insecting‘ White Stork on a field in Hungary. © Gyorgy Szimuly

I won’t hear the bubbling calls of the European Bee-eaters as I won’t see frog-hunting White Storks on the fields neither.  Having a chance to watch a European Roller or Lesser Grey Shrike in England would be an exceptional momentum. But I don’t whine about it! I rather remember the good old days of my early birding times in Hungary and getting ready for exploring the British or Western European birds. I know it holds a couple of lifers for me. It is always a pleasure to have some!


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