Massive Spotted Flycatcher flock in England

I normally don’t post birding news from the other parts of the country, especially not, if I am not there. Probably I should… Today, however, I couldn’t resist not to post a few lines about the massive migrating flock of Spotted Flycatchers seen by birdwatchers this morning at the Portland Bird Observatory in Dorset, south England. Looking at the site on the map it suggests that this could be a very attractive spot, an entry point, during spring migration.

Spotted Flycatcher by Nikolai Petkov.

Spotted Flycatcher by Nicky Petkov.

Spotted Flycatcher by Yoav Perlman.

Spotted Flycatcher by Yoav Perlman.

On his Twitter feed, Martin Cade, from the Portland Bird Observatory (@PortlandBirdObs) reported 550 birds at around 9AM but by 11AM he estimated their number well over 1,000!!! Most of the birds just flew over the area while some landed in the gardens.

This was such a remarkable moment in bird migration and an event what is not possible to witness every year! According to the tweet of Graham Appleton, the Director of Communications at BTO (@GrahamBTO), it gives hope that the British population hasn’t crashed.

BTO was concerned by actual status of the Spotted Flycatcher  population based on the BirdTrack graph.

BTO was concerned with the actual status of the British population of Spotted Flycatcher based on the BirdTrack graph.

To add something personal to this post, I have still been waiting for the first Spotted Flycatcher to see in the United Kingdom. I hope in the coming days they appear in one of my local patches.

Thanks to Nicky Petkow and Yoav Perlman for letting me use their images!


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