Morning choir

I know myself. If I go to bed at 1AM, there is no way I could wake up at 3AM to go out birding. That’s why I skipped sleeping last night and spent some time with posting a news in the WorldWaders News Blog until the early phase of dusk. Again the target was the Blue Lagoon NR. Not for rarity hunting but to have a peaceful birding morning without noisy dog walkers and picnickers. It proved to be a very different birding experience despite nothing exceptional was seen.

I arrived to the entry point of the reserve at the lake of an angling club at dusk where a nice Tawny Owl was calling frequently. This was the first time I have heard this bird here as this was the first time I have started birding there that early. It is probably too late to say that the bird was in its territory but it still could be possible.

As it became lighter and lighter (very slowly due to the thick cloud coverage) every bird started to sing full throat. It was amazing and at some points made counting really challenging. What surprised me the difference in the number of Eurasian Blackbirds and Song Thrushes compared to the counts of previous daytime visits. The density of the thrushes was the highest since I had started to bird in this area.

The rest of the morning has been just like another average day. Common Whitethroats were actively carrying food for chicks but I couldn’t find their nest, however didn’t put too much effort to find it. European Blue Tits and Long-tailed Tit fledglings were signs of a successful breeding attempt despite the cold spring. Watching the freshly fledged cute Long-tailed Tits from 2 meters from me was just an adorable moment.

eBird list:

Canada Goose 8 (2 pairs with 1+2 goslings)
Mallard 7 (1 pair with 2 ducklings)
Grey Heron 1
Common Moorhen 2
European Herring Gull 1
Lesser Black-backed Gull 4
Common Wood Pigeon 22
Tawny Owl 1
Green Woodpecker 1
Common Magpie 6
Eurasian Jackdaw 53
Rook 70
Carrion Crow 32
Common House Martin 2
Great Tit 5
European Blue Tit 6 (3 juveniles)
Long-tailed Tit 11 (8 juveniles)
Eurasian Wren 16
Willow Warbler 3
Common Chiffchaff 5
Eurasian Reed Warbler 11
European Blackcap 9
Garden Warbler 4
Common Whitethroat 4
European Robin 25
Eurasian Blackbird 35
Song Thrush 17
European Starling 1
Dunnock 2
Reed Bunting 3
Common Chaffinch 1
Eurasian Bullfinch 2
European Goldfinch 3
Common Linnet 6

Thanks to my Facebook friends I could name a flower I took a picture of. I presumed it was a species of orchid but then it was confirmed to be the Heath Spotted Orchid. It is just before blooming so it is better to revisit the area in a couple of days.

Heath Spotted Orchid in the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve. This image is a crap but I try to get a better one when it is blooming. © Gyorgy Szimuly.

Heath Spotted Orchid in the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve. This image is a crap but I try to get a better one when it is blooming. © Gyorgy Szimuly.

Later in the morning I saw the regular Red Kite over the area mobbed by Carrion Crows. It was seen from our flat.


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