I’m still a dreamer…

In the large majority of my life I spent and wasted an awful lot of time for listening others what they are saying or thinking about me. I didn’t like to hear behind my back that I was a dreamer. I didn’t like to hear the cynical comments about my ambitious publishing project of shorebirds of the world. As I became wiser (I hope, I did), I learned that those energies, what I used to meet others expectations, should rather be used for more important activities and self-education. I no longer listen to the cynical words, in fact those make me much stronger than ever.

A couple of years ago I had a dream, a big one. The dream was to make a beautiful handbook of all the shorebirds of the world. I thought I had every skill and knowledge to turn it into reality. And I still believe in it! However, in those early days I wasn’t really ready of facing the financial challenges of such a massive project. The financial crash of a promising investor at the explosion of the global money balloon made my dream rather distant and foggy. I didn’t give it up though. In the background I still have been working hard on the project to make it happen. No matter what the timeframe is and no matter who will or will not help, but that book will be published. But I still hear “He is a dreamer”.

Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten Inc., is wonderfully arguing with those who say that “dreaming is the privilege of the young”. He writes in his note, The Profitability of Dreams, recently posted on LinkedIn :

I would argue, by contrast, the dreams are a key factor in business success.

Have dreams – and then reshape them into well-defined goals. Think about what to do to achieve those goals, and then based on what you come up with, achieve each one little by little. And you must put your all into this – all of your abilities, your strength, your endurance – you must be fully dedicated to achieving your goals.

Regardless of how long it takes, if you approach your dreams this way, there is nothing you cannot achieve. And in this process, I believe you will discover the true meaning of having dreams.

Do not be dissuaded by the cynics who say that dreams and reality are different. This is nothing more than a bitter excuse made by those lacking the drive needed to transform their dreams into reality. Dreams and reality are different. It is a dream than can take you out of an ordinary trajectory, and into something extraordinary in nature.

Mikitani’s words could not have been more perfectly timed. I can’t wait to relaunch the project with a strong financial background and more carefully set of goals and start working on it according the business plan. I think I have never been as close to it as before. Either with the help of crowd financing or private investors, the project will be funded. The enormous support of my real friends and close family as well as the self education made me a more focused and hopefully a successful individual who is addicted to the future of shorebirds.

And yes, I’m still a dreamer and will always be…

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12 thoughts on “I’m still a dreamer…

  1. Just like Mikitani said: “Have dreams – and then reshape them into well-defined goals.” I can’t support you financially, but I want to encourage you to keep on, untill your dream comes true and you reach the goal!

  2. One of my dreams is to illustrate an atlas of neotropical vertebrate anatomy..
    Somehow we share the perspective of a task as big as pleasant, and the power that you have put in this text, turned back my strength to keep this up!
    I hope you get your book finished soon! Good luck!

  3. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to realize this demanding project.
    But I’m sure you can do it. Who else, if not you? 😉 Live your dream and it will be come true!
    Cheers from Germany, Chris.

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