Staying at my ‘social media’ friends: an alternative way of birding abroad?

Kelp Goose in Patagonia. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Kelp Goose in Patagonia. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Just for fun and curiosity I posted a question to my Facebook page whether I could make birding trips abroad staying in the home of my social media friends to reduce costs. This is especially interesting knowing that I have almost 3.500 Facebook friends, over 1.200 followers on Twitter and a few hundreds on LinkedIn. If only a fraction of the friends would offer me/us a room to stay for a few days I could reach some awesome birding destinations. Based on the responses I have already received or I will get, I make a map of the ‘offers’. Any new offer will be added to the map. Send your words as a comment here in the blog or with my posts on my Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn wall.

Needless to say that any of my friends who I have ever or never communicated with is warmly welcomed in our humble home including an introduction and guidance to local birdlife.

The map with locations of friends who already responded can be seen here.



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