Impressions on the Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars


I made a short visit to the RSPB Shop in Sandy this afternoon to try some of the Zeiss binoculars. The shop displays both the Zeiss Conquest HD 8x and 10×42 models which I have not held in my hands.

I don’t want to set a complete review of my short hands on with these superb optics but it is worth to mention a few things. First of all about its price. Both the 8x and the 10×42 model priced at about half the price of flagship Zeiss Victory HT binoculars. The 8×42 is available for £679 ($969.99 at Amazon) while the 10×42 for £699 ($999.00 at Amazon). Yet the quality of the Conquest is far not half the quality of the Victory.

The instant impression is the quality. Without doubt Zeiss made a beautifully designed and perfectly manufactured optics. The armouring is elegant and the binoculars fit comfortably in my relatively large hands. The biggest joy comes with turning the focus wheel. It is like it’s running in half melted butter. It was amazingly smooth! I have never ever experienced such an effortless focusing like with the Conquest. The close focus is nice to 2 meters. It is definitely not as impressive as the Swarovski’s 1.4 m but 2 m is still very good and in most of the cases it is more than enough.

The HD optics are stunning. I was watching birds at the feeders through the window and the image was tack sharp in the whole field. The chromatic aberration was not bad although I could see it. It still is not disturbing the picture and only visible on high contrast subjects. The general picture was superbly bright.

It was a bit of pain to put them back to the display but I hope I can compare the Victory with the Conquest models at the Norfolk Bird Fair in 17-18 May.


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