Great Backyard Bird Count 2014 is under way

Common Starling. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Common Starling. © Gyorgy Szimuly

A few years back, I was whining about the Great Backyard Bird Count focused only on North America. From last year it was not anymore a North American birding event, but a global one. I joined as well and already submitted one checklist for 2014, despite the torrential rain we are having. I submitted all the three species and 7 individuals. Hahaaa

I encourage you to do the same until Sunday 17 February! It is a fun and after all, it is birding.

The statistics of last year result are just mind-blowing.

39% of the world’s bird species was seen and counted!
111 counties involved on 7 continents
4,258 bird species of 108 bird families reported (5,162 species needed to be recorded during this weekend to reach 50%)
137,998 total checklists were submitted worldwide!
The most bird species, 645 was recorded in Mexico in four days!
More than 33 million individual birds were counted!

Do nothing else, just spend a minimum of 15 minutes in any location (your backyard) and identify and count birds. After that upload your data to the website of GBBC.

Have fun!

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