Kea and her bird-of-paradise

Last summer, probably exactly at the same time I bought a book for my best friends’ birthday. It was the National Geographic Birds-of-Paradise. As usual, I had to browse it with Kea as she loves birds. She only focused on the birds and turned ‘boring’ pages (means containing no bird) quickly. She was amazed by the transformation of males when displaying. Then I took the book for the birthday party and she never seen it since.

A few weeks earlier I came home from work and I was greeted by Kea with a drawing in her hand. I was shocked to see a Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise showing its basic characteristics. She painted this by hard without using any photos or references. I was speechless and just tried to understand this. It is so heartwarming to witness her development and the tiny achievements she is capable to reach day by day. She is just 5!



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