Dying Martin Garner’s way

Martin Garner’s family announced his passing yesterday after a long and painful battle with cancer. I have never met Martin Garner aka Birding Frontiers, but I know he was one of the true birding legends in the United Kingdom. The reason I post here about him is to express my admiration for his work and to make my readers remember to celebrate the life of the living.

I’m not targeting to summarize Martin Garner’s wonderful life and achievements, but I couldn’t resist to share my thoughts about the way he left this earth for good. In the last couple months Martin fought to gain just a little more time before the inevitable coming. I know it from social media and I was deeply touched by his energy and motivation and the way he inspired hundreds through his last video messages while he was in pain. As I read the sad posts about his death by his family and birding friends, one thing became obvious. Martin Garner have been loved and respected by so many birdwatchers not only in the United Kingdom but from different corners of the world. Martin felt privileged to see and feel this love. He knew he’s been loved by hundreds.

Most of us post emotional messages to family members of someone who passed away. How sad, however, that this love remains unseen for the departing in most of the cases. I’m sure Martin’s life had been prolonged by days if not weeks just because he had a chance to read all the wonderful messages his admirers sent him. I think everyone dreams to die Martin Garner’s way.

His death reminded me about the importance and power of knowing being loved. We should never miss an opportunity to express our love to someone we love!

Rest in Peace Martin Garner.

One of the excellent works of Martin Garner. Image courtesy of Birding Frontiers.

One of the excellent works of Martin Garner. Image courtesy of Birding Frontiers.


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